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  • Each QA get involved with their respective  factory from  1st fit sample process.
  • Check  the pattern, construction details, fabric behavior, wash requirement and do a risk analysis for each  product.
  • Once bulk fabric is in-house,  QA inspect the fabric for any shade, weaving issues or other irregularities, gsm and shrinkage.
  • On approval of production sample, make  size set sample in each size to check general construction details, measurements, workmanship, bulk accessories and wash standard( where required).
  • If any discrepancies found, size set is remade  incorporating the corrections to get the standard right.
  • On size set approval, trial cutting( pilot run) to set the production line.
  • Size set is again checked from  trial cut run.
  • On size  set approval from production line, bulk cutting approval is granted.
  • QA checks each operation on the line at initial stages of production  till the first output delivery from the line and address  any issue arises.
  • Regular checks on output( sewn garments)  for  workmanship and measurements details.
  • Regular checks  for  print  hand feel, durability, embroidery placement, colored wherever required.
  • in case of   washed over dyed garments, we do sampling process from bulk garments to set the shade, shrinkage and appearance right.
  • From the first lot of finished garments, QA approves polybag and carton dimensions based on which  these items are produced.
  • Inline finishing inspection on a daily basis.
  • When goods are ready, QA conducts pre-final  inspection before offering  finished goods  for 3rd party inspection.
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